Practical Project Portfolio Management

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This course is for decision-makers, project owners, and project managers thinking about or preparing to deploy a project portfolio. The course is also a useful basic information package for organizations that already use a project portfolio.

The course consists of three lessons. The first lesson focuses on portfolio management, the second on project management, and the third on project portfolio deployment.

Teaching is entirely web-based. It takes about two hours to complete the course. There are tasks that you can undertake, to test your competence.

The course is not an alternative to certification, but participants receive a course certificate. It shows that the learner has gone through the course contents and completed the required number of tasks.


History of project portfolio management

Project portfolio management started in Finland in the early 2000s, as IT departments and information management units looked for a way to prioritize their various projects. In the 2010s, the method spread from IT projects to product and business development. Now, portfolios are found in the private, public, and third sectors. They are being used to manage the most diverse types of projects.


Choose a lesson from the list below. You can take the course in the order you prefer.